WE welcome everyone who is interested in feathers to contact us in order to explore and develop together new opportunities in the business. There exist big potentials in the market and there are many many new and creative applications of feathers yet to be developed by you. We are looking forward to your participation. Just get in touch with us at :

Cheung Shing Kee Feather Co., Ltd.
Room 3807, Hong Kong Plaza,
188 Connaught Road West,
Western District,
Hong Kong.
Telephone : (852) 2549-6313
(852) 2857-2196
Fax : (852) 2559-0677
E-Mail Address : sales@cheungshingkeefeather.com

Factory in Hong Kong :
Flat F, 11th Floor,
Kwong Ga Industrial Building,
Victoria Road, Hong Kong.
Telephone : (852) 28181183
Fax : (852) 28173994

Factory in China :
GuangXi Beilu Oriental Prosperity Feather Product Co.Ltd
E-Mail Address : cheungtakcheong@yahoo.com.cn
Telephone : 0775-6665579
Fax : 0775-6665121