Feather Products

We can divide our feather product lines in 2 broad categories : 1) Specifically Designed Feathers and 2) Finished Feather Products.

As a large feather supplier, we have many competitive advantages in making various kinds of feather products. Normally, however, we are mainly making Specifically Designed Feathers and Finished Feather Products according to specific customers' designs and requirements. We believe our customers know best their markets and can find out the most suitable types and forms of feathers and products for their own applications or product marketing. In order to protect the interest of our customers, we would seldom offer the same finished product items to other customers aiming at the same target market.

Specifically Designed Feathers
Besides manufacturing finished feather products, one of our major business is supplying our customers with Specifically Designed Feathers to suit their best applications. It involves processing of the regular feathers as according to different customers' specific requirements. Common feather processing includes :

The handicraft of sewing through the bottom of the feather quills piece by piece with small pins and threads by hand. This process enables same (or sometimes different) types/colors of feathers tying together and form a single strung bundle, with specific size, length and weight.

The Handicraft of Stringing

It involves the scrapping of part of the feather quills to make the quills thinner and flatter in order that the feathers can be sewn or stuck easily onto other object materials. The feathers will become even softer and lighter after the parrying process. Parried feathers can also be strung as long as the bottom of the quills is not scraped.


The work involves the stripping of parts of the feathers and by so doing, brings a new look to the whole feather. Some stripped feathers can also be strung.

Feather Stripping

Sorting/Sizing/Loose Bundling
Other common kinds of feather processing include sorting, sizing and loose bundling.

Feather sorting can be done according to types, grades, colors and other required criteria.

Sizing can be done to separate feather sizes of as small as 1/4 inch difference.

Loose Bundling can be worked according to number of piece of feathers per bundle or weights per bundle.

Though we are always holding large stocks of various kinds of feather materials, we do welcome other feather handler to send their feather materials to us in order to make use of our cost competitiveness and labor expertise, for feather processing and manufacturing for their own feather products.

Sort, Size and Bundling

Finished Feather Products
Over the years, we have been making various kinds of feather products for our customers. Some major items include : Feather Dusters, Feather Trimmings, Feather Boas, Feather Fans, Feather Masks, Feather Flowers and others. And we believe there are many new feather products yet to be developed. Our doors are always open to your creative ideas and concepts of feather applications.

Rooster Feather Dusters

Turkey Feather Dusters
Ostrich Feather Dusters
Half-down Marabou Boas
Half-down Marabou Boas
Stripped Flat Chandellers
Stripped Flat Chandellers
Feather Fans
Feather Flowers
Feather Handicrafts